MWD Search Pro ACF compatible

Optionally searches all fields that you have created via Adavanced Custom Fields.

With MWD Search Pro you enjoy full compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), one of the most popular plugins for custom fields in WordPress. Our integration ensures that all fields created in ACF automatically appear in the MWD Search Pro settings. This makes it easy for you to activate this content for indexing and set its priority.

Automatic detection and integration

As soon as you create new fields in ACF, they are automatically displayed in the MWD Search Pro settings. All you have to do is activate the desired fields for the search. This seamless integration saves you time and ensures that all relevant content on your website can be searched.

Activation and prioritization

In the MWD Search Pro settings, you can easily activate the ACF fields so that they are included in the search index. You also have the option of setting the priority of these fields. Use the drag-and-drop function to determine which fields are most important in a search. This way you can ensure that the most relevant content is displayed first.

Advantages of ACF integration:

  1. Time saving: Automatic recognition and integration of ACF fields in MWD Search Pro without you having to do any manual work.
  2. Comprehensive search: All user-defined fields can be included in the search, making your search results more precise and complete.
  3. Easy management: Activation and prioritization of ACF fields directly in the MWD Search Pro settings, without additional plugins or tools.
  4. Ease of use: Intuitive drag-and-drop function to prioritize content so that the most important content is displayed first.

Example: Product information and ingredients

Let’s assume you have created fields for “Product information” and “Ingredients” in ACF. These fields appear automatically in the MWD Search Pro settings. You can activate them so that this important information is taken into account in the search. Prioritization allows you to specify that “product information” has a higher priority than other fields to ensure that this information appears prominently in the search results.

With MWD Search Pro and the integration of Advanced Custom Fields, you can make your WordPress search more flexible and powerful. Your visitors will appreciate the precise and comprehensive search results, and you will benefit from seamless management of your custom fields. Take advantage of MWD Search Pro’s full compatibility with ACF to optimize your website search and improve the user experience.