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Maximum speed with MWD Search Pro
Suchergebnisse von mit MWD Search Pro

With MWD Search Pro, you benefit from a lightning-fast search function that will delight your visitors. The key to this speed lies in our own optimized index table, which was specially developed for fast AJAX search queries.

Optimized index table for maximum performance

Unlike other search plugins that search the entire WordPress or WooCommerce content, MWD Search Pro uses its own index table. This table is designed to process search queries efficiently and quickly. As soon as a search query is made via AJAX, it is sent directly to this optimized table. This means that the search results are displayed in real time, without long loading times.

Advantages of the optimized index table

  1. Speed: By directly querying the index table, search results are delivered many times faster than with conventional search solutions. Your visitors no longer have to wait long, but receive the desired information immediately.
  2. Efficiency: The optimized index table minimizes the server load as only the most relevant data is searched. This leads to a better overall performance of your website.
  3. Relevance: By specifically indexing the most important content, MWD Search Pro ensures that your visitors find exactly what they are looking for. The search results are precise and relevant, which significantly improves the user experience.
  4. Scalability: Even with a very large amount of content, such as several thousand posts or products, the speed of the search remains consistently high. Performance is not affected, so your website remains fast and responsive even with rapidly growing content.

Comparison with other AJAX searches

With many other AJAX search solutions, the entire WordPress or WooCommerce content is searched. This can lead to considerable delays, especially for large websites with extensive content. MWD Search Pro, on the other hand, concentrates on the specially optimized index table, which makes the search much faster and more efficient.

This is how the optimized search works:

  1. Creation of the index table: When MWD Search Pro is installed, an index table is automatically created that contains all the important content of your website.
  2. Direct query via AJAX: As soon as a user submits a search query, this query is sent directly to the index table. This ensures ultra-fast processing and display of search results.
  3. Continuous optimization: The index table is updated regularly to ensure that all new content can also be searched quickly and efficiently.

Consistently high performance even with large volumes of content

MWD Search Pro was developed to ensure a consistently high search speed even for websites with thousands of contents. No matter how large your content volume grows, performance always remains at the highest level. Your visitors will appreciate the immediate and relevant search results and you will benefit from a better performance of your website.

With MWD Search Pro, you get a search function that is not only fast, but also extremely efficient and scalable. Rely on the speed and efficiency of MWD Search Pro and offer your users a first-class search experience, regardless of the size of your content.