MWD Search Pro Search overlay

Give your content the space it deserves.
Das Such-Overlay des MWD Search Pro WordPress-Plugins bevor eine Suche abgesetzt wurde

With the MWD Search Pro search overlay, we take the search on your website to a new level. In contrast to classic search functions, where a small search field only displays a limited list of results, our overlay offers maximum space for search results by covering the entire page. This not only ensures a clear presentation, but also makes the search more efficient and user-friendly for your visitors.

Start search


Our search overlay opens automatically as soon as you click in an input field of the type “search”. This makes the search experience seamless and intuitive for you. You can also activate the overlay by clicking on an icon or a special button. This flexibility allows you to start the search at any time and in different ways, depending on what is most convenient for you. Regardless of whether you prefer the classic search field or would rather use a clearly visible button – MWD Search Pro offers you the right solution.

Maximum clarity

Suchergebnisse von Spider-Point

Instead of a small, confusing list, MWD Search Pro gives you a large view of the search results. Your visitors will find what they are looking for immediately without having to scroll through boring lists.

Customizable to your needs and your design

Our search overlay is easy to use and fits seamlessly into the design of your website. If required, you can also customize the styling to suit your website. The overlay can be individually adapted to your website and your requirements. Whether colors, layout or additional functions – MWD Search Pro adapts flexibly. You can find more information on this in the styling section.