MWD Search Pro Priorities

Setting priorities in the MWD Search Pro plugin
Suchergebnisse mit MWD Search Pro für Pooltechnik auf TomTut Webseite.

MWD Search Pro gives you full control over the priority of the different content types and the individual content fields on your website. This function allows you to control the order of the search results in the frontend by adjusting the priorities in the backend.

Sort contribution types and content fields by priority

In the backend of MWD Search Pro, you can set the priority for each content field. The sorting of the fields in the backend determines how the results are displayed in the frontend. This means that you decide which content is visible to your users first. For example, if the title of a post is most important to you, you can place it at the top of the priority list. Other fields such as Excerpt, Content or SKU then follow according to your defined order.

Advantages of the priority setting

  1. Increase relevance: By prioritizing, you can ensure that the most relevant information is displayed first. This improves the user-friendliness and satisfaction of your visitors.
  2. Flexibility: The priority settings give you the flexibility to customize the search to the specific needs and preferences of your website. This allows you to optimize the search results for your target group.
  3. Efficiency: By placing the most important information at the front, your visitors will find what they are looking for more quickly. This reduces the bounce rate and increases the time spent on your website.

This is how it works:

  1. Set priorities in the backend: Drag and drop the content fields into the desired order. This order determines how the results are displayed in the front end.
  2. Save priority settings: As soon as you have defined the order, the setting is saved automatically. The changes are automatically applied in the frontend.
  3. Check the results: Test the search function on your website to ensure that the priorities are being implemented as desired.

With the priority function of MWD Search Pro, you can optimally control the display of your search results and adapt them to the needs of your users. In this way, you offer an improved and targeted search experience that will delight your visitors. Use this function to maximize the relevance and efficiency of your website search.