MWD Search Pro Individual fields

Include all individual fields of your WordPress website in the search

With our WordPress plugin MWD Search Pro, you can customize the search on your website so that it takes all individual fields into account. In contrast to the standard search, MWD Search Pro offers you the option of integrating user-defined fields easily and efficiently into the search. This ensures that all relevant content is found, regardless of which field it is stored in.

Integration of individual fields made easy

The integration of individual fields is child’s play with MWD Search Pro. Go to the plugin settings and add the desired fields to the search. Once added, these fields are automatically included in the search index. This means that all content stored in these fields is taken into account in a search query.

Prioritization according to your needs

MWD Search Pro also offers you the option of determining the priority of the individual fields. Thanks to the drag-and-drop function, you can easily determine the order of the fields. For example, you can define an individual field as the most important field and thus influence the output of the search results. This gives you control over which content is displayed first in a search.

Advantages of integrating individual fields:

  1. Complete flexibility: Integrate all user-defined fields into your search and ensure that no important information is overlooked.
  2. Simple configuration: Add the individual fields in the settings and they are automatically included in the search index.
  3. Targeted prioritization: Determine the importance of the fields by simply dragging and dropping and influence the order of the search results.
  4. Improved search results: By including all relevant fields, search results are more accurate and relevant, significantly improving the user experience.

With MWD Search Pro, you not only make your WordPress search more flexible, but also more powerful. By integrating and prioritizing individual fields, you offer your visitors a comprehensive and targeted search experience. Use these functions to ensure that all important content on your website can be found quickly and efficiently.

Give your WordPress search the flexibility and precision it deserves with MWD Search Pro.