MWD Search Pro WPML compatible

Full compatibility with WPML for multilingual websites

MWD Search Pro is fully compatible with WPML, the leading plugin for multilingual WordPress websites. This integration offers you numerous advantages and ensures that your website search works optimally in all languages.

Indexing in all languages

With MWD Search Pro, your content is indexed in every language that you offer on your website. This means that all your content – regardless of the language – is included in the search index and searched. This ensures that your visitors always receive relevant and precise search results, regardless of the language they are currently using on your website.

Language-specific search results

By default, MWD Search Pro only displays the search results in the language in which the visitor is currently located in the front end. This language-specific search ensures that your visitors only see content that is relevant to them, which significantly increases user-friendliness and satisfaction.

Option to display all results

For an even more comprehensive search experience, MWD Search Pro offers the option of activating in the settings that all results from all languages are displayed, regardless of the visitor’s current language. This option is particularly useful if you want to ensure that your visitors have access to all available content, regardless of language barriers.

Advantages of WPML integration:

  1. Multilingual indexing: All content is indexed in every language so that no important information is lost.
  2. Language-specific results: By default, only the search results in the visitor’s respective language are displayed, which increases relevance and user-friendliness.
  3. Optional overall results: Option to display all search results from all languages to ensure comprehensive information provision.
  4. Improved user experience: Multilingual users receive accurate and relevant search results, which increases satisfaction and engagement on your website.

With MWD Search Pro and WPML, you can make your website search accessible and efficient for an international audience. Take advantage of this integration to ensure that all your content can be found regardless of language and provide your visitors with a first-class search experience on your multilingual WordPress website.